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i9500 - Lost 3G after install
Hello everybody i'm new in the forum

My brand new i9500 was rooted yesterday i also installed philz_touch CWM  without any issues.

Shortly after i installed pac-man rom ( i also wipe everything (i used wipe for new rom inside philz_touch), no problem there, fast first boot. It seems pretty fast but no 3G at all, wi-fi worked great, sms and phone calls work too.

I restore stock from my backup and i have 3G back but i miss pac-man, what might be happening? is there a modem related problem?

Here is my phone:

Model: GT-I9500
Android Version: Stock 4.4.2
Baseband: I9500UBUFNA2
Kernel 3.4.5-742022
Compilation: KOT49H.I9500BUFNB3


I forgot to mention is not an apn related issue, apn is ok, in fact i created a new apn setting just to check, no luck there.

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