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KF2 KitKat 4.4.2
Issue 1) I turned on ota, selected nightlys and it showed an update, so I downloaded the zip, but the flash update button does not activate.
Tried rebooting into recovery to install .zip from there, but the folder it downloads too does not show up.. Any input would be helpful.

Issue 2) App crashed, blame it on split screen..
Mostly get this error when using FB-2.2.1
Okay, so I figured out that the 4.4.2 update that downloaded was a .php file, not a .zip and that's why I couldn't see it in TWRP.
I downloaded the 4.4.4-RC-1
The flash update button still did not appear.
TWRP couldn't see the folder the .zip was downloaded to, so I moved the .zip to a folder TWRP can see, and used TWRP to install .zip
Now I'm on 4.4.4-RC-1
Seems much smoother running then 4.4.2

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