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RC 1 4.4.4 [d2lte] on sgh-t999 Bluetooth/WiFi signal low
Wanted to start by saying I absolutely love this ROM. #1 IMO. 

I have one minor issue at this time. My Bluetooth and WiFi signal is greatly degraded when using this rom. I'm about 5'11" and my Bluetooth becomes crackley between the headset on my head and the phone in my pocket. 

I guess I'm just curious if this is a known issue, or if there is any known workarounds. I'm very familiar with flashing packages and replacing system files but couldn't find a God source of information on the issue.

If you have any information on this please reply.

PAC team, thanks for your excellent work on this ROM it's amazing!
Found that the issue is not specific to pac rom but rather the headset I use and kitkat. Sorry to point fingers.  Thanks again for the great work on the rom!

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