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Whatsapp error: adjust time
Hello fellow PAC-ers,

First, I want to say thank you for this amazing rom!
I tried tons of other roms, but this one is the best! Smile

At the moment I use an other rom, because Whatsapp doesn't work well for me at the latest nightly release for my i9505 (jflte).

Each time I boot/reboot my phone, I get an error message from Whatsapp Messenger in the notification area, which says your phone time and date are incurate! Please adjust.

Without this I can't use Whatsapp, or receive messages.

I have temporarily moved from PAC-ROM to another rom, because I need my Whatsapp Messenger to work.

Please fix this problem, because I want my PAC back! Big Grin


Too bad, still now answer on this problem.
Meanwhile, I am running the stock Samsung firmware again for a few weeks, but I really hope that this can be fixed, so I can enjoy PAC-ROM again! Big Grin

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