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Pac Man + Lego = True
I`ve just put my Retro Arcade & Games building out at `Lego Ideas`. I`ve received much kind words about the building and its design in different occasions and was encouraged to put it out at `Lego Ideas`, so I finally did! With YOUR help I can reach the goal of 10.000 supporters in 1 year and then The Lego Company will review it for a original Lego set.

10,000 is a big number, but it’s doable if I have a great project and some old-fashioned persistence. The best results come from knowing how to ask for support from the right fan sites, blogs, and online communities.

So, I ask you members of this PacMan forum and friends to please support and spread the word all over. This would be a fun and great addition to any Lego collections!

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