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Long pressing back button to kill apps. Delay is to high!
[I dont know if we could call this a bugreport, but I didnt know there to post this question]


I just installed the latest nightly of PAC to my i9100.

The one I was using before was a nightly of nov last year.

The improvements are really good, thx 4 that good work!!

I just wanted to tell one thing, that in my opinion was better before:

In developer options I activated the function to kill apps by pressing back-button. But the timeout is like 2 seconds.

In my last PAC-ROM this was like 500-700ms and the workflow was much better with it, as I often have to kill apps fast.

Could you plz tell me a way how I can set this time myself, is there a way to simply edit one value with an editor ??

Or perpahs you could include this feature in future updates, so we have an extra menu, there we can set the timeout ?

thx 4 any advice/help.

greetz revnu

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