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GPS signal lost
I can't get GPS in google maps or in GPS test or in any other GPS app...  

This wasn't a problem before.  Any ideas?
I've found that GPS/Location Services/Navigation are all pretty screwed up with RC1. 
Maps has a hard time finding your location and seems like it's falling back to cell tower location, even when GPS is on (based on the blue shadow circle on the map).  This seems to happen regardless of which mode you're using in Location services.
Location, even when it's working with GPS seems inaccurate by enough distance to confuse the direction mapping - even on an interstate it thinks you're consistently a mile away, resulting in doing circles trying to get you back on the interstate.
Map doesn't follow your location when moving.
Map can't resolve location in many cases to begin with, without a reboot.
Navigation is completely broken, doesn't seem to be getting movement notification from Location services to do any navigating.  It suffers the same position inaccuracy that the map does when plotting starting point, then never updates after that.

This is not an issue of bad cell service or inability to access GPS.  I drove 1800 miles this weekend, in both city and rural areas - these problem happen consistently.

Also, I've never seen issues like this with any previously nightly build - going back over a year.
So anyone actually get an answer? After the 9/11/2014 Nightly maps and Pac Rom don't work. Everything on maps is just preview and it tells me there's not GPS hardware. I'd hate to stop using this Rom daily over something so stupid. Anyone have a fixes?

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