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PAC Console Issues
I noted some issues with the PAC Console that devs may want to know about.

First, I get a notification that updates are available but, when I click the tile, the PAC console force closes.  This has been an issue with every build I've used.  I've always been able to access the PAC console through the system settings menu; so it's never been a serious issue for me but I thought you might like to know about it.

Second, when I go to the OTA updates menu, it wants me to upgrade to 20140825.  This started with the 20140825 build.  It lists my current ROM as 4.4.4.RC-1_20140828-000742 and it offered similar nomenclature with 20140825.  I've been getting around this by downloading the latest nightly from the web and installing it from my sd card.  But, I thought you might like to know about this.  

As always, I appreciate your hard work; thank you.  =)
Having the same issues with HTC one m7. But loving everything about 4.4.4rc1
I am still having this problem. I don't know if it is fixed any which way... But I truly don't know if I am still using RC1 or if I have been able to update to nightlies... Is there any way to find that info out??? Going to About Phone doesn't work. Just lists RC1...
If you haven't successfully downloaded and flashed anything you're still on the same build. You're on RC1 then, the build date should be an indicator too as RC2 isn't very old.

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I wonder what is stopping me from upgrading. I have tried a FULL wipe of the phone and everything. And it is still coming up saying RC1. It is STUCK in there or something. I truly don't know what else to try to get it to update.
I've never used PAC console it doesn't work go directly to the site and find the download under the section of your device model. If there isn't an updated zip visible then there hasn't been an update for your phone.
PAC console correctly reported new build and allowed me to download the zip but the "Flash ROM" button is not enabled and rebooting does not update the ROM. What am I suppose to do?
Manually boot into recovery then locate and flash the zip.. Suggest having GApps zip ready to flash and using a file Explorer app and verifying the downloaded update zip is a valid update and not a corrupt file.
Impressive amount of functionality hidden under the dry old phrase "recovery reboot"! 😀

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