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Shutdown Animations
I'm currently trying to change the shutdown animation without success.  I have changed the boot up animation but for the shutdown, most guides say to add a boot up animation and just rename it from .zip to .qmg and place it in "system/media/video/shutdown" folder, replacing the old file.  However, for this version of PAC-Man, no such files exist.  Creating the folder and adding the QMG file in the folder do nothing. 

I have read that PAC-Man places the shutdown animation in it's framework and can only be changed by editing the img file (decompile/recompile), if this is the case, does anyone know the location of the shutdown animations?  I have searched through many of the .jar files in the framework folder(s) without success. 
The files are in our frameworks_base source under the core/res/res folder. You can check it on our Github.
EDIT: I have grown attached to them as part of the theme and have decided to keep them.  Also, they are typically superior when comparing alternatives.

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