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PA or KK GApps?
Hey I'm just completely oblivious to what could be the difference between the two. Could someone tell me the pros and cons of both? Why would I use PA GApps while original GApps still does the job perfectly and even though it's a bit messy and I don't give a damn about Play Books/Music/Movies... I don't feel like I need something else until it's got really good arguments for its cause.
Also I've done a bit of research and I could find screenshots of PA GApps nowhere, nor any description. And PA's site is, in my opinion, pretty stupid because there's just download links and not a single explanation about why you'd download their ROM in particular... (or I missed something)
Use normal gapps. I've said this multiple times, PA full gapps replace system files which might cause some FC's.
Oh right then, sorry if I didn't pay attention enough. Also I must say I'm gladly impressed by the fast answer. Always a pleasure.
Sorry to awaken an old thread, but would it be okay to go for the nano GApps package?
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