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PAC 4.3 US Cellular issue recording voice messages Facebook
So, this issue I have been having has only been occurring with PAC rom installed on my phone. I have used 4.2 and 4.3 for US Cellular.

Basically, the Facebook Messenger service has these little voice recording messages you can leave back and forth in messages. Anytime I attempt to record one, it shows that it recorded it, however, it doesn't send it/do anything. With a press of the record button again, the app crashes.

What I am wondering is, what could be causing this. Obviously it has something to do with the drivers, but as far as what drivers it uses I am not finding any luck.

Does anyone have an idea of what may be the problem?

I am using the rom: pac_jflteusc_4.3.Build-1_20130913-085615

Thank you

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