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Using latest Dev Build; where is the disable HW overlays option and surround sound?
I have an issue with the dev build freezing for about ten seconds, periodically or rebooting, randomly.  I checked online and disabling hardware overlays often fixes the problem, but I cannot find the option in the settings and I can't find any dev options.  Where can I access this setting to toggle it?

Also, when I was peeking through the ROM I saw "surround sound" as an option and now that's not there anymore.  How can I access that?  

Thank you for your help.  
You have to go into 'About phone' and tap on 'Build number' a few times and it will enable developer options. I haven't seen anything about surround sound. It's possible you were on a build before the rebase and it hasn't been added back in or we're both blind :p
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=) Thank you very much.  

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