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[ROM][OFFICIAL][Lollipop 5.1]{spyder&umts_spyder] PAC-ROM LP-MR1 Beta-2
So Currently on 4.1.2 Rooted and unlocked I have Safe strap and can seem to Install the rom properly It says successfully installed then says no Os installed do i have to Update the rom to a newer firmware before Using this rom ?
Same here.
(03-08-2015, 08:53 PM)sherri Wrote: Same here.

if you are having one os showing up after install i would checkout the new safestrap on XDA not really sure where it is kept but there is a new version that should help
[Image: pac_maintainer_banner_2.png]
I believe the latest safestrap is 3.75, which is what I am using. Other Lollipop ROMs install, just not this one
Hello !

I have a problem with exactly ROM Ver :

It is a very good stable LP, works like a charm Smile

But having one issue. I have connected bluetooth A2DP ( with music option) headset and voice of my caller is at very very low volume - I cannot hear what person is speaking... The same situation is with my mic.

Yesterday - when I was on CM 10 - KitKat - everything worked like a charm with that bluetooth device.

Some help please ?

PS. I would like to add that I have flashed just now CM 12.1 and bluetooth works fine with that rom. What can I do to improve it in PacMan Rom ?

UPDATE : I also tried this one but problem still occurs Sad :

I have the Motorola Razr XT912 (Spyder) phone. Today I installed the pac_spyder_LP-MR1.Beta-3.Official_20150909-093108 ROM. Looks nice and works quickly (only closer to the evening I've noticed lags in some places), but there are few significant bugs (in the descending order):
1. Battery drains very fast (approximately 1% per 1 minute).
2. Messages are not sending
3. USSD codes are not recognized and therefore not executed

Are there some fixes or configurations to resolve these problems?
Hi! When can we see the stable build for the Motorola Droid Razr M
The lattest build we cannot install some apps like WApp TB! How can we fix it?

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