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New to the Community :D
Hi All,

I've had been using PAC rom on my sony devices and i'm loving it. 

I just got a new phone , the Vega Iron 2 Pantech A910k phone. 

I was wondering if i'm able to port this rom over to this device as its not an official supported device hence i gota get my hands dirty to get this awesome rom on it myself Sad.

Anyone can help me on how am i able to do this ? 

Using a Rom Porter will work? the tool from XDA ? 

The phone itself has custom viet and chinese rom that are edited to lift the SMS limit ban and translations hence am i able to use that as a Base rom and port any avail PAC rom over to the phone? 

I'm new to this.. hence kindly do give me some guidance Big Grin thanks alot !!

*PS , my old Pantech Vega Iron A870 waited for almost 5mths before CM was even ported over.. hence i do not wish to let this new phone sit there for that long before using it Big Grin 

Thanks alot in Advance Big Grin 

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