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How do I flash the new lollipop nightly?
I am wondering how I am suppose to flash the latest lollipop nightly. I have already downloaded the latest nightly and the lollipop Gapps and placed them in the right spots on my Nexus 5. I read that a clean install is required to install the new lollipop ROMs onto my device. My question is, what does it exactly mean by clean install? I also read that in terms of flashing Android ROMs, it simply means factory reseting the device, but I am posting this question just to make sure that I am flashing the ROM correctly. I assume that I follow the first time install instructions similar to the ones found here: The only difference being, the nightly is the latest lollipop nightly and the Gapps are for lollipop. Like I said I am simply trying to make sure that I am flashing this ROM correctly.

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How do I flash the new lollipop nightly? - by CidtheCyanKid95 - 03-08-2015, 07:02 PM

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