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Disabling Bluetooth via ADB/Config/Busybox
Hi, I'm running PAC-ROM LP-MR1 Beta-3 Nightly (Android 5.1.1) on an I9505, and the Bluetooth doesn't work. This isn't an issue for me, I don't use Bluetooth, but when you try and turn on the Bluetooth in the settings it gets caught in a loop, and for whatever reason you can't turn it off unless it has first been turned on (which of course won't work, because I've either damaged the antennae or there's some bug with my build of the ROM). So it gets caught in a loop and messes with WiFi connections and sucks the battery. I've been using Airplane mode to disable it but this prevents my SIM from receiving data.

So my question is, is there some way using ADB or editing configs or busybox or whatever, to turn the Bluetooth off, and maybe set it's default position to off as well?

That being said, It's probably about time I updated my ROM anyway, might just do that.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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