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PACman 4.3.Build-1 freezes completely at bluetooth connect - Jacob_astrom - 09-17-2013


I run PACman 4.3 on my Note 2 4g (N7105/t0lte), and I'm absolutely in love with the ROM, so glad I went from Touchwiz to this!

However, I'm having huge problems with the phone freezing when using it in my car and the stereo auto connects to the phone.
This only happens maybe 50% of the times I start the car, but that's enough to drive me insane.
So, the process is:
I place my phone in a dashboard phone charger/holder. I start the car and the stereo eventually starts to connect to the phone. At this moment, the screen is still on but the phone is at the lock screen after been waken up by the charger. When the connection process is finally complete the phone is completely frozen. I can't lock it, nothing happens when I press the volume buttons or the buttons below the screen, and of course, I can't do anything on the lock screen as the screen is frozen. After a while the phone locks, the "TV-tube" animations is shown, and the notification LED is blinking since the phone is charging, which means that the phone is still "working" but not responding, so to speak.
At this point I have to either pull the battery or hard reset the phone by holding the powerbutton until it restarts, and sometimes the phone restarts by itself.

I have tried two other ROMs, Cyanogen mod 10.1 and Paranoid Android 3.99. Cyanogenmod 10.1 didn't have the support for AVRCP, the ability to send song information to the car stereo, which is why I wanted to change ROM. When I tried PA 3.99 which was running Android 4.3 and supported AVRCP I experienced the same problems as I do now.

I ran CatLog and recorded the events while starting the car, maybe that will help? <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -58-56.txt</a><!-- m -->

I really hope that someone could help me with this!
Thanks in advance