Full Version: [ROM][OFFICIAL][KitKat 4.4.4][VS980] PAC-man 4.4.4.RC-1
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PAC-man ROM is a ROM built with our own tweaks and options, including picks and features from the best ROMs out there!

Why choose among ROMs, when you have All-in-One !!

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* By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty!

* If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us!

* Do not ask for ETAs!!

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* Download the ROM and GApps

* Reboot to recovery

* Wipe data/factory reset

* Flash the ROM and then GApps

* Reboot your phone

* Enjoy

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* Download the latest version

* Reboot to recovery

* Flash the ROM

* Wipe both dalvik cache and cache

* Reboot your phone

* Enjoy the latest version of PAC-man

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* I will be posting my own personal compiles alongside the nightlies. If for some reason nightlies die and I fix the build before repairs are merged, up-to-date builds can also be found compiled by me right here: PAC 4.4.4 Built By Me

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* Special thanks to all our Build Bot Providers (see Contributors list for all names)

* PAC Graphix Team - Graphics, logos and images (see Contributors list for all names)

* And of course, thank you for your love and support!

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Just bringing thread syntax up to date

I clean installed your latest stable, then dirty flashed (wiped dvalik/cache) the latest nightly. All seems really smooth until I noticed today what seems to be sleep of death. Have to press power then the phone boots up again. Something I'm doing wrong? It did this once also while opening Skype.