Full Version: Bluetooth issue with pebble
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I am new to pac-rom only flashing my device about a week ago, forgive me if this has been answered before (I have run a search but no luck).

My phone connects to my pebble watch perfectly until I pair my phone with my cars stereo. Once I pair my phone with my car stereo while its connected to my pebble, my pebble is droped and I can't connect my pebble again intill i reboot both my phone and pebble.

On the Samsung stock rom I could pair my phone to my car stereo and then control music with my watch and receive all my updates.

Im thinking my this is a problem with multi pairing with bluetooth?

The reasion I have to reboot both devices to repair my pebble is because they both still think their connected but will not communicate with each other.

I really liking Pac-Rom so far and will hate to have to change back over a small problem.